Course Title ICT4Elders - Promoting ICT knowledge for the elderly people
Course Description In a world rapidly dominated by technological breakthroughs, enhancing older adults' digital skills is becoming imperative. Taking into consideration that, according to Eurostat, two-fifths of people aged between 65 and 74 years old have never used a personal computer, this course seeks to transform the rapid digital transformation into an opportunity for growth, active aging, and social inclusion of older adults.
This course introduces learners to the basics of ICT tools and will cover questions such as: What an electronic device is? How can I use the latter, and how can I connect to the Internet? Which applications or websites can I use to benefit my health, entertaining myself, shopping online, and paying billing accounts? How can I deal with fraud issues on the Internet and avoid being misinformed?
These questions will be answered during this course, designed for people seeking to adapt to the constantly changing modern world and be active members of online communities. 
Who this course is for older adults, and especially those over 70
Target group primary target group: social workers, care givers
secondary target group: volunteers/students/companion of older adults, family members of older persons, VET trainers, active ageing organizations, nursing ones and NGOs working in the field of social inclusion
Course Curriculum This course includes 3 modules which, basics of electronic devices, the Internet, applications, online entertainment, online health, online communication & online safety are presented. Furthermore, this course includes a Glossary, which aims at helping learners to recall and understand basic key-words related to ICT tools.
What will you learn After this course, learners will achieve the following learning outcomes:
-to recall, understand, and use devices, web browsers, applications, e-banking, online stores
-to perform steps to make online transactions & online shopping
-to download and use applications for communication, entertainment and health
-compare and contrast websites & applications
-distinguish the credibility of sources of information
-interpret fraud issues and properly deal with them
Lessons 3 Modules including 3 Units each 
Course Length - Duration ~17 hours 
Assessment Method(s) Online assessment 
Participation Prerequisites No previous knowledge is required 
Special needs from the educational environment The educational environment (LMS) is accessible through a personal computer or a tablet, both connected to the internet